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Make money online secrets SEO

Thursday, January 28, 2010
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Does making money online have any secrets?Yes, just like any business making money online also have secrets,you might have come across secrets of online money making by web masters who are claiming of secrets that they know but those are all fake,artificial,fraud their own made and does not exist at all or have no value.The real and the ultimate secrets of online money making is SEO.Seo stands for search engine optimisation.What is search engine optimization?search engine optimization is optimizing your website or blog so that your site shows up in the front page of all the major search engines.Search engine optimization itself is broad subject and bit complex,now let me tell you about one thing, the money making programs related to website that i talked about are completely useless if you do not optimize your site for search engine.Imagine you have a website which is very good looking very informative and very helpful, but it doesn't show up in search engine or doesn't get traffic or people doesn't know about it, so does that website holds any value?more over if your site doesn't bring any traffic then what's the use of building a website.If your website doesn't bring any traffic or visitor then you cannot make any money, think why the advertising agencies will come to you?how will they be benefited ?well the answer is very simple advertiser wants to show their product through different media channels that catches good audence or viewers , so if you website doesn't bring traffic or visitors why would the advertisers come to you. So if you really want to make money online then you have to work hard on search engine optimization.

My dear friends,forget about making money with advertisers and spocers the real key and the real money making secret that we all are looking for is the search engine optimization.If you can use it correctly then making money online and popularity is all in your hand.Now if you can use it correctly there is a chain of events that will bring success for sure.Optimizing your site for search engine means your site shows up on the first page of all the major search engine and people knows about it,it then brings traffic visitors to your site and hench advertisers will realise the importance of your website and come to you to host their products in your site, thus you can claim a good amount of money against each ad.This is the real truth and secret of online money making.

After creating your website all you have to do is working on search engine optimization and devoting most of your time on it.if you really want to make money.All money making secrets lies here you have to give all your efforts and emphasis on it.Then you will see the miracle that it will bring,miracle of traffic,online popularity,money and at the top of all major search engine. At first it may seem a little difficult and complex but if you work with it every day it will become as easy as anything else, more over while you get money in return of working online nothing seems difficult or nothing is hard or impossible, after all you are doing this all for money online.I will be giving you all the secrets you need for search engine optimization but never try to implement them all at once and don't get scared to see the tasks just go step by step and you will find it so easy and simple.

Make money online secrets : On page optimization

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On page optimization is one of the part of SEO, which is backbone to online money making.On page optimization means working on your site that you want to make money with,and shaping it up so that your website is Seo friendly.In online money making, on page optimization is very important because you are helping the robots or the bots of all the major search engines to understand what your website is all about, what is in it and how to prioritize each and every thing in your website,you are actually simplify the task for the robots and helping them to understand your website very well.In on page optimization the things you have to focus on are meta title,meta keyword,meta description,header- h1 and h2,correct content, alt image and sitemap.
Meta title is used in your website to describe the title of your website.The title should be a phrase or group of words which itself should be able to explain the total content of your website.In other words meta title should tell the readers as well as the bots what's your website is all about.
Meta keywords, search engine quires depends on it.When ever anyone one types a keyword in the search engine, the search engine looks for website that matches with the keyword or the query.So, it is very important to write the correct keyword related to your website and writing the keyword with different angles.
Meta description, this is just describing your website, what's its all about,it's content,emphasis on particular point etc.
Header tags are important as well, try to use it in all of your pages.
Correct content, is the content of your page, content should be related to your topic should not get distracted to any thing else,for example you topic is on sports car, now if you start writing on wheels then your content is completely irrelevant to your topic.So you have to be very careful about it.
Site map,creating site map and submitting it to the directory helps your website get crawled and indexed quickly,it helps the search engine to understand how many pages you have what are they all about what do they contain.It helps specially if at the beginning when your site does not have any in links at all.

Make money online secrets :Off page optimization

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Off page optimization is little bit time consuming and needs a good amount of effort,but off page is the final and main key to success in search engine optimization.Off page optimization will take place only after you have completed you website.So after you complete building your website,you have to take three major steps,submit your website to various directories,link building and finally article submission.
Directory Submission, after completing your site you have to submit your website to the major search engines,like Google,Yahoo and Bing.This is, you are introducing your website to major search engines and helping your website to be crawled and indexed by these major search engines.You have to then submit your website to yellow pages and various other directories as well.
Link Building,or Back link is the most important of all in search engine optimization.You will not see your website on the top pages of search engine if you do not have links to your website or back links to your website.There are various of link building techniques,one-way back links,two-way back links and three-way back links,but the most important and valuable for your website,is one way back links. 
Article Submission is very strong and important tool to take your website at the top pages of the major search engines.It actually creates organic links and one-way back links to your website and works as a skeleton in keeping up your website at the top pages of search engines.Search engine loves organic and one-way back links so Submitting articles in directories with higher page ranks really helps you in tow ways,you are getting organic and one-way back links and the directory with higher page ranks takes your website higher in the search engines.

Make money online secrets :Back links

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In online money making Back links plays a vital and important role.What are back links?How back links works?How you will be benefited from Back links?How and where to get back links from? these are the issues that you have to consider when you deal with back links.Back links are links that comes from another website to your website.It can be one way back link,two-way or reciprocal back link or three way back link.We already know that Seo is the ultimate key tomake money online   and in seo the most and important and vital part is back links.back engine sees each back links as a vote to your engine gives priorities to those websites that have highest number of back links.So the more back links the  more chance of getting  your website at the top most position of search engines.In online money making back links not only work as a vote to your website and helps your site to go higher but also also shows how popular your website is,interms of link building.One way organic backlinks are the most favourite to search engine optimization.

Now if you want to make money online all you have to head for is link building .In One way back link lets take website A and B,here website A sends a link to website B ,organic link are one way back link and are created by anchor text and are seen as natural link by the search engine,in two way back link or reciprocal  link lets take website A and B for example ,a  link comes from website A to website B and in return B gives a link to website A.In three way back links let's take web site A,B and C , a link comes from website A to B, B then sends a link to website C and C then sends a link a link to the first websit A, this is how three way back link works.

Now the question comes how and where to get back links from?In online money making or business the main thing is content, you have to have good,relevant and quality content then website owners will automatically link to you post or your website.There are many other ways online to get back links to your site,but the greatest ways of getting quality back links are Article Submission,there are no alternative to this one because, even if you do not get back links from other websites you will be getting organic and one-way back links,another very important factor is the page rank,most of the article submission directories online,have higher page ranks , that means you are getting quality back links as well, that is quite good enough to pull your site at the very top of search engines.You can also get more one-way back links by posting comments on do-follow blogs related to your topic or niche,do-follow forums, .edu and .gov sites but remember one thing,even if you get thousands of back-links for do-follow blogs with no page ranks will do nothing good to your site,it will boost your website in the search engine a little,but a few back links from higher page rank strong enough to take you at very top,so you should always look for blogs with higher page ranks.In order to get two-way or reciprocal back links,you have to submit your site to various directories online,again, directories withe higher page ranks.When you will submit your site to directories then will give you a link of their directory in return to paste it in your website,that's how it works. 

What is  Do-follow and No-follow ?do-follow means it will follow you and no follow means it will not follow you.Do-follow and no-follow occurs when it comes for posting comments on someone else site,if you post comments,hoping to get a link back to your site, in no-follow blogs,forums, .edu and .gov sites then you are just wasting your time because these no-follow blog will not give a link to your site.So always post comments on do follow sites.You can find do-follow sites by opening the page and  just pressing "Ctrl+u" in the browser it will show the source code of the site and then press "Ctrl+f " to open up a search box, in the search box type in "rel=nofollow " if it exist then it's a no follow site.

Make money online

Tuesday, January 12, 2010
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Is the Buzz about making money online real? will I earn money?If I do, then how much?these are few of the questions that is daunting us all the time.The good news is 'Yes' making money online programs are real and they  pay. So how is it possible what I need to do? . Well there are lot of money making programs online to chose from, but you have to determine yourself which one to choose.It is really confusing to select a particular  money making  program from so many different online programs ,whether it is correct  or wrong, or in the midway you chose to switch.So before selecting a money making  program online it is very important to see whether the program meets your target .Target means how much money you want to earn online, how much time you can devote your convenience , based on these factors you have to select a particular money making programs .But remember one thing, what ever money making program you chose  you have to be patient,calm and hard working because the Universal truth says "No pain No Gain",so to gain money  online you got to get some pain.

Now  if  you want to make some good money and want to relie on it just like your job, then there are tow real money making programs online  that you can devote your time and hard work in full power. Freelancing and Blog/your own website are the two money making  programs online that will bring good money if you devote time,patients and hard work.Remember Success of online money making  relies on these three factors,your time, hard work and patients, if any one of these three is missing then it is not possible to make money online,and the most important of all is do not expect to get richer or earn good amount of money over night.

Where ever you go,whatever you do you cannot earn  money overnight,you have to devote time and effort,online money making is also the same, the only difference is you do your job offline and in online money making you do the work online.Online money making may seem confusing and difficult at first, but nothing is difficult or impossible in this world,and when it comes for making money,  it becomes naturally easier, in case of online money making the trick is you have to over come a hard struggle ,you have to over come difficult phase  and you have to know the real tricks to overcome the hard barrier and hence the work will become easier and accessible.So in online money making  you have to be passionate about your work and stick with your work and not give up.Have positive attitude towards your work always think of win win situation.

In online money making  it is very is easy to get distracted and loose patient and finally giving up since there is no one to track your work or to comment whether you are going in right direction,always remember one thing learn from your mistakes the more mistakes you make the more you will learn and keep trying until  success comes in your doorstep.


Make money online with website

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Well you can make a good money with website, for that you got to have a website of your own which you can use to offer service to public,information or any thing you like.Now the question comes how you can make money if you have a website?well think of newspaper agencies, how do they make money? except we buy their papers?they are just giving news on their paper,every day thousands of journalists are rushing here and there to collect news and information  for us, what do they get in return .Well it is sponsorship or advertisement that they are making money with,there are thousands of companies who are trying to show their products on news paper in turn the news paper agencies are earning a huge amount of money,now the same thing happens in online money making,your website will act almost like a newspaper or a platform where people will come and read,now if you run advertisements on your website the sponsors will pay you,so simple and that is  how you make money online.No rocket science is required to understand is process of money making.

Now in offline advertisement like in news paper or other media you will find uncountable companies who are showing their products on newspaper or in other  medias but in online it is a little different, not all those companies in offline will come to show their products on your site but a few of them will but for that to happen your site should bring a good number of traffic every day,so as a beginner it is very unlikely to happen so what should you do you won't get ads from those companies in online and can't make money? no, there are  many services who are offering ads to show  on your site even if it is a new site and brings no traffic , so as a beginner you have to use them to make money, later when you get a good amount of traffic and you offer some advertising space on your site you will see many  companies will automatically will come to you to show their products on your site and in turn you can claim a good money from them,that's the reality of online money making.

The most interesting thing about having a website is that it's pages the more pages you have the more money you make.It is actually simple, more pages means more space and hence more advertisement and  hence more money making opportunities,more over you will have many in links within your pages which is very important for SEO, as a beginner it is great achievement for you because to get in-links or back-links as a beginner it is really really difficult.So having a website of your own gives you two opportunity more money making online and Seo optimization.

To have a website of your own it is actually not difficult, you just need to buy a domain address from a good web hosting company and design your website just as you like or you may ask your web hosting company to design the web for you for which they may charge you a little. So making money online is not that difficult the thing is you have to try your best, so do not wait for another day start money making now.  


Make money online blogging

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Imagine you have have business and your are earning money without any investment at all, how does it sounds? great? yes Blog is a platform where you would be able to make some money  and you won't have to make any investment at all it comes for free,but it has lots of limitations depending on the hosting companies.Chance of making money online with blog is less as compared to website. Beginners who wants to make money online with out any investment  can give a try with blogs.In online blogging you will get only a single webpage and would be able post as many as you want.Since you will be offered only a single page your option of delivering advertising space is very  less and and limited hence less money.More over theonline  blog hosting services  itself  will give you certain rules and guidelines which will narrow down your freedom of making money and you have to strictly maintain those rules and guide lines otherwise they may ban your blog.  

Online blogging to some extent works like website but with lots of limitations.The main difference between website and blog is,there is  no one to impose restriction on your website you can do what ever you want, means complete freedom and in blog you have no freedom at all you have do every thing within the rule and guidelines of blog hosting companies,so from my point of view making money with blog may not be a good choice but if you are a starter you can try making money online with blog for  free.

There are many so many blog hosting services,that can confuse you as well, so in terms of free space and making money online facilities E-Blogger is the best place  and it is hosted by one of the world biggest company Google.Word press is also there but you cannot make money with it because they do not allow making money in free service you can just write on their pages, so the only option is E-blogger.In terms of making money and free space and limitations  this hosting service will give you little bit of freedom and little convenience and the most important of all is that it very easy to use.

Since blogging is free and no investment is required thousands of blogs are being created every single day by people who wants to make money online .there is a huge competation and it's very rare to get a domain name as you want.But then, what is better than having and making money online without  spending a penny.


Make money online -with freelance

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The money making process with website and blogs are bit time consuming,needs quite hard work and takes a good time to get traffic and to get popularity so there is also an alternative and quick money making program and that is  freelance.If you are  doing any job then it would be easier for you to understand or take it easy ,but it doesn't mean you have to have a job, all you need is a skill.Skill of anything from ms word to web design and many more,you can take it as online part time job and start to make money sitting at home.According to your skill you will choose work from freelance service and after completing the work you will earn money.This is the best program to work from home and earn some extra money.Unlike website and blog it doesn't require much time and hard work and working for hours, you just have to  use your effort only when you are given tasks on your field of interest  and get money for it. 

In online money making this is a very renowned and well established  program and you do not need to be uncertain about any thing just finish the task you are given and earn money.It is just like you are working in a company and getting money for your effort and work,the more you work the more money you will get,it's a great opportunity for those who are aspiring to make money online and cannot resists their temptation,take works in loads and get money in loads in return, every thing is in your hand. It is very effective way of earning money online , you can be 100% sure of receiving money when you complete the work.what is more surprising is that all of these come for free,isn't it great, you just need to sign up to freelance services bid a project in your field of interest or you are skilled at  and win the project and work on it,so simple.

Freelance is such a program that  gives opportunity to all class of professional and people with almost all kinds of skills to earn money online wisely,what better option could  there be than  to use your skills, and make as much money as you want.Every day thousands of people are joining these freelancing services and earning good amount of  money by working from home.If you have skill of any kind why are you waisting it, grab the advantage of online free lance programs and earn money working from home.But do not give up your job yet, first get familiar with freelance and get some work and when you find it useful then you can shift to full time.

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